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Would you like higher or lower entry fees on Tourneys? Higher
Happy way they are
Do you play in the Interleague Qualifiers? play only
don't play them
if win I play the Interleague too
Do you like the Specials Tourneys? yes
too many of them
Is there any Special you would like to be added that we currently may not have? Please list.
What can Staff do to better your enjoyment of playing in ForeverSpades Tourneys?
What changes would you like to see made to make you want to continue to play in ForeverSpades?
If you no longer play in ForeverSpades regularly, why?
Would you be interested in being a TD, HTD, or Admin with ForeverSpades? yes

Your Opinions Matter to Us! Thank you for taking our Survey. You will be gifted 100 buxs for your time in answering our Survey. We want to improve ForeverSpades to be the best it can be and your answers help us to do that. Thank you for supporting ForeverSpades.