ForeverSpades League

Revised: August 29, 2017


In an effort to keep our spades playing environment as pleasant as possible for all members the following will be enforced to the best of our capabilities.......

  1. NO conflicts between members will be discussed or tolerated in the lobby chat -- personal differences are to be kept out of the lobby

  2. All members and staff are asked to take ALL conflicts to private IM or table to discuss

  3. Our league policy is 3 boxings in a 3 month period will result in a review by the admin team at which time the admin team will determine the length of box time to be served or if the member will be banned from the league

Listed below are the penalties that can occur if you break the rules of this league. Our rules are meant as a code of conduct on how you should behave in this league, and to provide a more enjoyment of spades and time with friends in ForeverSpades and in our ForeverSpades Lobby and at game tables. We have listed the amount of days you will receive for breaking these rules, to ensure fairness and awareness.


boxing for 6+ days pending further investigation and/or action by the admin team

3 - 5 DAYS:

1- 2 DAYS:

Minimum of 1 DAY:

Any boxing that is repeated may or may not receive an additional day box for repeat offences.

We have tried to be as thorough as possible and cover all the basics. Go to the left panel of our league site for all Cases and ForeverSpades League Rules.  However, just because something is not listed here does not mean that it is allowed. You can still be penalized for anything deemed inappropriate in the league. Use common sense.  If it is something that will adversely effect other players and if it's something you might think twice about doing it; then it's probably against the rules. Our Admin Team have the final say in such matters.  Staff reserves the right to penalize league members who are on another known id.

Please note:  you are only allowed 2 penalty boxings in a 3 month period with the 3rd boxing you will be reviewed by the admin team for further action.  This further action will determine the length of boxing or if banning will result.