ForeverSpades League Specific Rules

In addition to the Rules and Policies set by MyLeague and Cases  the following are specific rules set up by the administration of ForeverSpades League. 


Formal Challenges
Revised July 29, 2014

Formal Challenges:   ForeverSpades will not recognize any "challenge" other than that of a formal challenge which must be done through the league homepage using the "Formal Challenge" link found on the "Standings" Tab...simply log in using your league id and league password then type in your ID of the player you wish to challenge.

Eligible:   Only players ranked in the Top 20 may use this formal challenge.  You must wait two (2) days before you are allowed to issue another challenge to the same player.   You may issue one formal challenge at a time and only one formal challenge may be issued against you at any time.

Players in the top ten are eligible to challenge any member of the top ten ranked higher than they are.  Players outside of the top ten are limited to challenging half the distance of their rank.  For example, if you are ranked 16 you can challenge anyone ranked 8-15.  if you are ranked 20 you can challenge anyone ranked 10-19. 

You cannot challenge someone ranked under you.

Email:   The challenged player will be sent an e-mail letting them know about the challenge issued against them.  Bounced e-mail will be considered a forfeit.  This is a Cases/MyLeague stipulation and can not be changed.

Formal Challenge Priority: Formal challenges take priority over all other matches.  If someone has a formal challenge against you and they are available to play, you MUST play them next.  Only exception would be if either player is currently in a tournament.  If they are not currently in a tournament they need to play the challenge game before registering into the next tournament.

SCHEDULING: When making a formal challenge to another player you both have two (2) days to arrange a time for the game to be played.  It is the responsibility of both members to arrange a time for the game within two (2) days, keeping in mind that the challenge game takes priority over league tournaments.

Table:  The member who issued the challenge will set the table.  The member who has been challenged and the two members that will be their partners will join.  All four must agree the table is set correctly. 

Witness: You are encouraged to ask an admin, HTD or TD to the table to witness the game.


Once you have placed a bid on the first hand that confirms you are familiar with and agree to the Formal Challenge Rules.

  1. All challenge games will be Unrated, Regular with no double nils allowed, to 500 points with unlimited number of hands. 

  2. A challenge game must be played with four (4) players.........NEVER with bots. 

  3. Slow play is not allowed

  4. If a player is booted three (3) times from the table he is not allowed to resume play, his/her partner may get a sub.

  5. If a player is booted and doesn't return within ten (10) minutes his/her partner may get a sub.

  6. In the event one member is booted three (3) times or doesn't return after a boot, the original member receives the win or reports the loss (not the sub.)

Reporting:   The Formal Challenge game will be reported in the same manner as a regular league game......The loss must be reported by each of the losing team members and must be reported as soon as possible.   It is suggested they report immediately after the game.  Under NO circumstances should a player begin another game until previous game has been report.

Disputes:   Please contact the admin in charge of "Formal Challenges" as soon as possible or an available admin if necessary......preferably while all are still sitting at the table.  It may be a good idea to invite an admin to sit in on the game from the beginning.

Failure to complete a formal challenge:  Will result in a mark against BOTH players record card.  Cases will automatically place a player in the box for three (3) days on the third failure.  A permanent note is also made on the user record.

Canceling a formal challenge:   The challenger may cancel a challenge at any time before the time expires by returning to the standings page and clicking on "Formal Challenge" where an option will show to cancel current challenge.  At no time may a player who has been challenged cancel.




Regular League Games

Regular League Games:  Are all games played by four (4) members who have agreed to play.  League games are NOT required but are played by choice and should be fun and relaxing. 

Table:  The table can be made by any of the four players.

Rules:  The host of the table is in charge and sets the table.  Table settings and rules must be agreed upon by all four and must be made clear BEFORE starting the game.  Do not start the game until you understand the rules.  Exp:  "Regular spades to 500 double nils allowed, 10 hands..."   If you are playing it is assumed you agreed to the rules of the game as set by the host of the table. 

Reporting:   The loss must be reported by both the losing team members and must be reported as soon as possible.   It is suggested they report immediately after the game.   Under NO circumstances should a player begin another game until previous game has been report.  A player who starts the game and is unable to finish and gets a sub is still responsible for reporting the loss.  However, if a sub plays and wins the wins will be reported to the sub and not the original player.

Procedure for unreported loss: 

1.  Please remind the player using instant messenger (IM) or email
2.  If no response within 24 hours please file a complaint using the "Support" tab
found on the main page and then click on "Contact Admin" and fill out the form giving as much detail as possible, listing all players ids, date...etc.  This will go directly to the Head Admin.

Unreported matches will be kept track of and a penalty will be given when the number on any one person reaches three (3).




Boxing Policy

League Statement:

In an effort to keep our spades playing environment as pleasant as possible for all members the following will be enforced as best we can.......

  • NO conflicts between members will be discussed or tolerated in the lobby chat
    All members and staff are asked to take ALL conflicts to private IM or table to discuss  

  • Our league policy is 3 boxings in a 3 month period will result in a review by the admin team and may be a 14, 30, 60, 90 day box time or banning from the league.

  • At no time will the F word be tolerated either in full or abbreviated, in the lobby or at a league table - a warning may or may not be given.

The following procedure will be followed for boxing and banning:

All boxings will be recorded and displayed on the "Jailhouse" with link to this on the main league page.



It is illegal to abuse or harass another Ladder member (TD, HTD or Admin).   If you are observed being abusive in chat it could result in penalty. Depending upon the extent of the abuse you might not always receive a warning in these cases. It is important to remember that two wrongs do not make a right. In other words, if you are being harassed by another Ladder member come to us for assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands or return the abuse, or you could find yourself in trouble as well.


Inactivity: Players in the Top Ten must play at least once every 2 days. If they don't they are automatically dropped five rungs and their inactivity counter is reset. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If the boxed member is in the top ten they will be dropped 5 ladder rungs on day 2 of inactivity.

Example One-----

January 1st a player is boxed  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Box one (cleared April 1st)
February 1st this same player is boxed  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Box two (cleared May 1st)
March 1st this same player is boxed  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Further action will be taken pending admin review
This player will be further be boxed for 30, 60, 90 days or permanently banned from the league on review by the admin team.


Example Two-----

January 1st a player is boxed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Box one (cleared April 1st)
February 1st this same player is boxed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Box two (cleared May 1st)
July 1st this same player is boxed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Box one (cleared Oct 1st)
This player's third offense is now the first offense as the first two have been cleared after 3 months