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Standard Rules for All Tournaments
(These rules are in addition to the rules of the specific game being played)
updated January 3, 2022



When registering for a tournament, please note the game and how it is played, start time and format and league rules.
When you check box you agree that you
 have read over the rules and agree to abide by the game rules and league rules.
Please register for the tournament early. No new teams without a partner are to register after 5 minutes prior to tourney start
time. If you don't have a partner in by 5 minutes til start time please go auto. 
As soon as it is start time, TD will start tour as soon as autos are even, any teams not filled at start time
will be dropped by Cases



The TD will start the tournament, post the game, rules, hands, pairings, any table limits, and time pairings was announced.
(TD may briefly silence lobby to assist all players seeing pairings then remove silence immediately)
The first named team, may be either player, will have 30 seconds to choose a table and announce table
in lobby,  Until stated in lobby, table is not considered chosen.
At 30 seconds. the table host is flipped and table posted in lobby. Once table is announced flipped all will need to go to that hosting table.


All four player need to join table they play at and be ready to start playing within 1 minute from time pairings called.
If a player is missing, the partner needs to get partner to table or ask for sub in lobby at 1 minute.  
If both players are not present within 2 minutes from time called, the team will be DQ.
Once all four players are present, players check settings and click start to agree they are correct and may start play.
 TD will join each table, verify settings, and post game timer for 2 minutes after timer was posted in lobby.


If a player needs a sub they may pm or ask for a sub of choice and have sub sitting within 1 minute.
At 1 minute, the player will ask in lobby for any sub to sit.
While the TD may assist,  it is the responsibility of the player to get a sub when needed.
TDs help but working together helps tourneys to run more smoothly which is better for everyone.
The first player to sit will sub until the original player arrives or until the subs game is called.
Once the original player arrives, the sub will stand after the hand in play is completed.
A player may request a sub if need to leave by stating on table or in lobby.
TDs will submit Sub Credit Report for ALL subs. 
Sub Credit is our way of saying "Thank You"  for helping TDs with their tournaments


We want our players to have fun and enjoy their game. Players may want to join next tournament so steady
play is a must. If a player seems to have lag or connection issue, the TD will check ping and may ask player
to stand and resit, or leave lobby and return to help with ping problem. The player may return to table to play
three times, upon the fourth occurrence, the player will not be allowed to play again until the next round. 

Slow Play will not tolerated. TD will give one warning for slow play. TD may need to soft boot if a player's
ping is good or player is not playing at a steady pace.  Player distracted, upset with game or partner,
or bad sportsmanship can be  factors of slow play. If TD is required to do a second soft boot, the player
will be DQ from tournament.


We assume that when a member registers for a tour that they are here to play Spades.
The intent of a Be Right Back is for emergencies only.
Each player is allowed two brb's per game but may not exceed 2 minutes maxium total, (one two minute brb or two
one minute brb). If Player needs more than two
minutes total please stand and ask for a sub for that hand or until
return and able to finish game. If there is a nil or blindnil on table or game is Suicide and you need a brb please stand
and a sub will complete the hand 


All players are expected to be good sports, We can't win every game and there has to be a winning team and a losing team.
Spades, like any other sport, is competitive. Competition, however,  is no excuse for rude or insulting remarks. Whether at
the table or lobby or private messages, it will not be tolerated. This includes questioning how or ways another player chooses
to play. Rude, harassing, or abusive remarks toward any member or staff will not be tolerated whether it involves Spades
or any other topic.  One warning will be given and then DQ. If the language or abuse is severe enough or a repeated
offense you will be DQ and boxed.
Private messages or table conferences during play is not allowed regardless of the content unless to pm the TD about a
problem or game play.

SHG gives the option to block players but it is the players responsibility when playing against a blocked player to  either
unblock a player or to leave table, let blocked player sit, then return to seat. If player refuses to unblock or stand they will
be DQ.


Any and all talk about current or future hands may be considered table talk.
This will include words or letters typed on table, sounds, punctuation, delays in play.
TD will have final determination.
First offense will be a warning
Second offense will result in DQ.
If Team is involved it is DQ
TD may logchat table and request HA to review with Admin Team if feels may be more severe form of table talk.
If TD feels for sure is cheating, TD may stop play and have another Admin to review table and game be called if both
agree. Review by HA and Admin Team will determine if or any additional boxing or/and ban is needed.
Table talk is sometimes a form of cheating -  unfair advantage to win a game.
Discussing game strategy in private messages during game play proven by logchats may result in both players
being DQ and boxed. LogChats are sent to HA for review with Admin Team
Cheating is NOT tolerated and will result in banned from league if proven.


Both players may agree to resign at any time during game by clicking Resign and partner clicking to agree and game ends.
If one player declines or refuses to resign, the player requesting resign may ask for a sub and leave table and a sub will be
got. Subs do not have to agree to resign if player who joined tournament states at table wants to resign game.
A TD may call any game when it is mathematically impossible for one team to win.


Chat during a game is allowed as long as it doesn't interfere with steady play or cause upset to the players in game.
 Players may ask that chat by other players or by the gallery be limited during play. Chat can be a distraction to players.
Please be respectful if requested by keeping chat limited by players and gallery to not talk. If there are problems at
table, TD may request no talk remainder of game.


Members may watch a game as long as they are not being a distraction.
If asked by a player or the TD, the visitor will leave table.
No player may boot another league member or visitor without the TD directing them to do so.
If there is conflict between players, it is best to not go to that table just to watch game.


A player may register for the next tournament once they are eliminated from current tournament or once they have reached the
finals with three hands remaining.
If players game is called in the next tournament, the player must finish their current game and get a sub for next tournament.
If both players are registered as a team in next tournament, one will remain and other go to table for next tournament and each
will get a sub at both tables.
If TD is playing in own tournament, the same rules apply as players, they can't join until finals with three hands remaining.


Players are not allowed to play in two tournaments at same time.
This rule applies to one of our tournaments and any other tournament or game on SHG.
Player will be given option to choose which game to finish and given 30 seconds to leave all games and lobbies
or be DQ. If this continues to be a problem, player may be boxed


Host may choose any table within the limits given by the TD of that tourney.
The same table may be used in next round only after all leaving table after game and
next round pairings announced and table available.
Players can only be at one table while playing with the exception of TD or a TD who is helping with Tables
Cards are to remain closed at all times unless otherwise stated by TD.

There may be issues with SHG from time to time. These include a table having a glitch which may include
  cards not being seen by all players, bids wrong for games that are automatically bidded or if cards highlighted
for specific games are wrong. or score not seen are the most common.
 First, notify TD and ask TD to verify the problem.
Players will submit a Bug Report by clicking button on table which is sent to SHG. 
TD will screenshot table and send to HA.
.IF team agree to resign they may

The following options are available to the TD
TD will have host to choose a different table
. IF more than half of hands have been played  TD may call game.
If a new table is used, the game will start over, TD will not manually transfer score to new table.


This rules page has been created by the ForeverSpades League Admin team
for the exclusive use by ForeverSpades League and is not to be used by any other
league without written permission.


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