ForeverSpades League

Requirements Policy

Updated: April 1, 2022

TD's must be an active member
and be at least 18 years of age

TD's will be paid monthly, with rating points, for hosting 2 vs 2 tourneys on the following schedule:

Hosting   5 - 10 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month -  50 rating points
Hosting 10 - 19 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month -  75 rating points
Hosting 20 - 29 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month - 100 rating points
Hosting 30 - 39 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month - 125 rating points
Hosting 40 - 49 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month - 150 rating points
Hosting 50 - 74 2 vs 2 tourneys for the month - 175 rating points
Hosting 75 +     2 vs 2 tourneys for the month - 200 rating points

Applying as a TD:
SHG requires you to be member of League for at least 30 dates prior to applying as a TD.  This gives you time to get to know League and Game Rules and other Staff and members to be sure it is a place you want to be TD. Going from League to League applying to get a Bell may one day result in SHG not giving you a bell or token to be Staff

New TD in Training: 
Once SHG Bell Training is successfully completed a trainer will be assigned by the TD Training Coordinator.  The TD Training Coordinator will change the new td's status from "in training" to "active" and the training will begin.  Once a new TD is approved they MUST begin training within 14 days or they will be removed as a TD.  They can reapply when they feel their schedules will permit being more active in completing training. Some new TDs have more experience or may have been TDs in past who may only need a little training and one tour completed with TD Trainer while others may be brand new to TDing and need more training and more tours with TD Trainer.

TD with experience :
TD having experience will be setup as TD immediately and can actively help with tourneys per TD Policy. Training and help will be available whenever needed.

1) TD's are required to host 2 tourneys per week. If unable to host required tourneys per week TD MUST email HA weekly

2)  TD's on ForeverSpades are asked to help with tourneys as often as they are able and fill in needed tourneys per daily emails.

3) TD's are to complete Sub Reports, Daily Doubles Reports, Bingo Reports, League Game Reports and submit reports on same day tourney was hosted so credits can be given.

4) TD's are required to create and host a 1 vs 1 tourney if unable to get 8 members for a 2 vs 2.  or TD can have a League Game with 4 members. Tourneys are always better.

5) TD's are required to spam or pm members on SHG Member List and make every effort to get enough members for tourney. Current Member List can be received by request to HA and thereafter TD can update list by adding/deleting new members, change of ID, purged/withdrew members from Daily Buzz under Standings Tab on League Mainpage. 

4) If a TDs status changes and they are able to host 4 or more tourneys a week each week, TD may contact HA to be promoted to HTD if they are able to follow HTD requirements.

3) TD's who are not able to host a tourney within 30 day period will receive a reminder email on day 31 idle. Inactive TD's will be removed on idle day 60 by cases .. there will be no additional reminders.  It is the TD's responsibility to make sure they do not exceed the idle limit and to contact the HA with weekly updates when can't host.

4) The TD must reapply if they wish to be reconsidered for a TD position with the league in the future.  Then it will be at the decision of SHG to assign a token per SHG Policy and to be approved by ForeverSpades HTD/Admin team. TD will need to have a refresher training course as rules with SHG, Cases, and/or ForeverSpades may have been changed or added to.

TDs that are listed on samehouse account may advance to HTD or TD may further advance at the discretion of HA

TDs not having a SHG bell
TDs that are unable to receive a bell with SHG may advance to HTD, or TD may further advance at the discretion of HA and must follow requirements of position and TD Policy.

HTD's :
1) HTD's are required to host at least 4 tourneys per week. If you are not able to do so be sure to contact HA or may lose HTD Position

2) HTD's are required to have at least 1 taken TimeSlot weekly on Master TD Schedule.  TimeSlots are to be put on Calendar each Saturday for the week from Sunday thru Saturday weekly.  Specials and Interleagues are to put on Calendar Monthly by last day of each Month.

3)  HTD's must have a good working knowledge of all ForeverSpades rules and policies as well as general cases/myleague rules.

4)  HTD's will show loyalty, maturity and a willingness to step in wherever needed.

5)  HTD's will step in and run a tourney for a missing, no-show TD and will submit report of required information.  The HA will give the HTD credit (add to your number of tourneys hosted) for hosting this tourney and missing TD will have tourney deducted from their number of tourneys hosted.

6)  HTD's are required to help fill our Caledar Daily, we strive to have a full tour Calendar of at least 17 tourneys per day. HTD's will create a tourney whenever there are members asking for one, if you can,  depending on how many members available to play....odd hour 1 vs 1 (bot game or 6 hands or less tourney) or odd hour 2 vs 2 (6 hands or less).  HTDs will help host needed tours sent by email.

7)  HTD's will support all other TDs and assist them when requested to do so or when TD asks for help, without interfering with another TD.

8)  HTD's at idle day 61 will automatically be dropped to TD status without notification unless maintain updated contact with HA. HTD will then follow requirements of TD.

Admin Position: 
A HTD may be eligible for the position of ADMIN after they have been a HTD for at least six (6) months, completed a minimum of 100 tournaments, have been a member of foreverspades at least 6 months and have demonstrated positive contributions to the league showing loyalty, maturity and a willingness to step in and help other TDs and fill open slots as needed. ADMIN's must be helpful to members and have a good working relationship with other Staff of ForeverSpades. Any exception to this will be at the discretion of the Head Admin.
             ***(You must let HA (Head Admin) know if you are interested so when we
                   are looking to fill or add Admin position we will know you are interested.)

1) Admin are to follow TD and HTD  rules as well as maintain an Admin job duty. Each Admin MUST have an Admin Job.

2) Admins are TDs as well as HTDs  and will not use their position as a power. Admins are to support ForeverSpades as well as all members and to be fair.

3) Admin at idle day 30 will automatically be dropped to HTD status without notification unless maintain updated contact with HA.

4)  ADMIN's are required to host at least 4 tourneys per week plus perform duties of a Admin Job. If you are not able to do so, Admin must contact HA or may lose Admin Position


1) Staff of ForeverSpades League agree not to TD or hold any staff position including HTD in any other spades leagues; to do so will be grounds for removal of TD, HTD, Admin  status and will be put down to TD or HTD status in ForeverSpades League. Only exception will be an interleague league with the approval of ForeverSpades Admin. Per SHG Rules All TDs, HTDs, and Admin are only permitted to TD in two leagues with agreement between both HAs. Any Staff found to
not follow rules may lose their SHG bells and rings and future ability to be Staff anywhere on SHG

2) Staff may be member of other Leagues but must join other Leagues in ID other than the TD ID, you may add a # after your TD ID or make an ID completely different. We encourage all Staff to play in our tourneys and help with our tournaments by hosting or playing and supporting ForeverSpades.

3) All Staff are not to enter any League Lobby with bell or rings other than FoeverSpades or when representing ForeverSpades in InterLeagues in the Interleague Events or Battle of Groups Lobbies.

4) All Staff are to respect another League Staff that enters our Lobby.  PM them and politely ask if you can help them, log chat the convo and email it to HA.  Sometimes Interleague Staff may enter about Interleague tourneys and rarely someone may enter not meaning to click our Lobby.

5) Yearly SHG Training Classes are mandatory with the exception of new Staff that has taken the class within past three months. ForeverSpades will schedule dates with available SHG Classes and notify all Staff of classes. Yearly Classes are usually during February each year prior to our League Birthday celebration.


4th Saturday - Admin Meeting - 1pm
4th Saturday - All Staff Meeting - 5pm

Other Meetings may be scheduled per email and pm giving at least 3 days notice prior to meeting.

Emergency Meetings may be scheduled within an hour notifying all Staff of meeting per email and attempting to contact all Staff holding position of Staff needed to attend Meeting.

If you have any questions.....please ask.

Thank you,

ForeverSpades HA